why i should be the new Priceline mascot

I’m all about a deal.  I’m a boot-strapping entrepreneur and I’m Jewish, so really I have no choice, it’s in my blood.

I have nothing novel to share about ways to save, simply that I couldn’t be more delighted by my recent Priceline hotel bookings.  Here are two examples to motivate you to use it next time you travel.

1.  For an upcoming wedding (yes, another wedding), the rooms they’d blocked off were the ‘deal rate’ of $115/night for a Sheraton in downtown Asheville, NC.  I went on Priceline and for $55/night, got the exact same hotel.

2.  I’m taking a maiden voyage to Athens, GA (home of UGA and cheap drinks) this weekend so went back to my favorite booking spot and got a boutique hotel for again, $55/night.  Even better is the fact that this room is shared with a handful of others because we’re still young enough for that to be appropriate, but regardless, Priceline is wonderful and apparently, so is the $55 bid.

Go there, save money, and travel more.  Now, someone contact the Priceline execs and tell them I’d like an endorsement deal.


  1. good to know about the sheraton, i will spread the word.

    and, just another wedding?…messed up.

  2. Oh my gosh, Kyle has to read this entry. He LOVES “sticking it to the man” on Priceline. But my favorite part is when we get emails from Priceline with tips on “how to make a successful bid” because we’ve totally low-balled them and they are disgusted with our audacity. Take that Price-line Ne-go-tia-TOR!

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