I get pumped when I come across other youngsters (ie Betwixters), who are making moves.  By moves I mean taking action.  One of my biggest pet peeves is when people complain about their circumstances but do nothing to better them.  Therefore, the opposite is also true.  I absolutely love to see when people take what could be a negative scenario, and find ways to improve it.

I was fortunate enough to be introduced a couple years back to a fellow Emory alum who had found some success as an entrepreneur in a few different fields.  Bright-eyed and bushy tailed at the time (still bright and bushy, just with a little more wear these days), I loved hearing about his endeavors.  As often happens, much time passed without any communication.  Until, as the networking world would have it, a contact of his told me he’d recently published a book!  Because a. that’s fantastic, b. it was a complete surprise to me, and c. I’m also publishing a book, I wanted to reach back out to him.

I contacted Dave that night and learned of his book I Can Fix America: 52 Common Sense Ways YOU can make the US Great Again.  In hearing his story of growing up in Flint, Michigan, a once flourishing city, to seeing the ruins it’s in now, sparking his mission to show Americans that we can do very small things to make our country great again (or, if you disagree and think we’re still great: to keep it great).

The book is a quick read, but chock-full of simple, every-day things you can do that don’t require waiting for other people’s actions.  Topics cover everything from housing, money, mindset, education, unemployment, government, and community.  For $17.76 (clever…and marked down about half on Amazon), you should buy this book as a gift or for yourself.

This may sound like a sales pitch, but I have no vested interest in this.  Nothing more than recognizing that I should support someone who is working hard to try to help others, when he could have easily sat on his hands and lived for himself.  I also realize that our Betwixter community is full of young people who have the time and energy to care about our future.  My Magic 8 Ball is telling me that we can’t go on like we are today, assuming that someone will fix the issues we’re facing, as well as those we’re creating. ‘Outlook not so good’.  Get acting.