As I’ve noted before, I guest write for blog who requested I step in as the “young professional” perspective from time-to-time.  In a recent conversation with them, just catching up, I shared an update on a  group to which I’d been admitted.  Not thinking anything of it except to share because the owner of the company would have been interested in the group, she insisted that I share it via the blog, which I did.  Here’s it is for your reading pleasure:

As a young businessperson, it’s encouraging to be reminded that your efforts and your voice matter. As it turns out, over 50% of the world’s population is under age 27, which puts me just barely in the minority at the tender age of 28. Regardless, it’s eye-opening to recognize this statistic and not take for granted being young.

I found out that I’ve been accepted into the inaugural class for Atlanta’s chapter of the Forum of Global Shapers, a local division of many international and domestic chapters of “Young extraordinary individuals with great potential for future leadership roles in society”. Participants are between 20 and 30 years old at the time of nomination. The Atlanta hub is organized by Mayor Kasim Reed, Ambassador Andrew Young, CEO of Operation Hope, John Bryant, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Dennis Lockhart, and my friend, Founder of Ascension Aircraft, Jamail Larkins. I go on rattling these names because these influential (and quite busy) individuals see the importance in investing time and energy into myself and my peers, with confidence that our abilities can and will make a meaningful impact on our community. In unison with the dozens of other hubs around the world, change is possible on a larger scale, and this was the hope of the World Economic Forum when setting out to begin this mission.

Having just learned of my acceptance, only time will tell what project our group of 10-12 “shapers” will undertake. It will be an organic process as we meet and pool our resources and interests. And I’ll be talking about it here.

I’m a strong believer that no matter who you are, and no matter at what stage in life you find yourself, it will always behoove you to be surrounded by people who push you to do and be better. That was one of my primary motivators in applying to be a part of this undefined group. I excitedly await getting to know my fellow “shapers” as well as our generous organizers.

For more info check out Global Shapers, or the World Economic Forum.